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What Kind of Computer Do I Need?

Most of us have a computer of some sort. Whether it’s left over as a hand-me-down from a relative, or just one that we bought to go to school, computers are crucial in this day and age. However, most of us just take what we’re given without really giving thought to the concept of: “what kind of computer do I need?” If you’re looking for some help on that topic specifically, you’re in just the right place!

How do you use your computer

First and foremost, you’ll need to spend some time getting familiar with how you use your computer. Are you looking at something for school where it’s all mobility and access to word processors? Or it is for corporate use where you are mostly staying in one place? Are you a gamer or someone obsessed with graphics? Are you, instead, more focused on high tech features?

Be honest about what you use your computer for and don’t be afraid to dream big! There are many options for computers out there and getting your “dream” one isn’t going to be nearly as hard as you might think!

Computer for personal use

When you’re considering the best computer for personal use, take a look at specs such as battery life (assuming you are considering a laptop, of course), graphics, screen size and even the bells and whistles such as external ports. Since you’re going to be using it for everything from watching movies to possibly gaming, to general research and word processing, you’ll be able to dream big and find lots of options waiting for you that will cater to all of those needs without a massive price tag.

Computer for work/corporate use

If you’re looking at getting a computer for work needs, you’ll need to consider those needs, in specific. The best way to do that is by asking yourself: “what kind of computer do I need for work?” For instance, most people need one that can handle multi-chats such as Google Hangouts and/or Zoom. They’ll need one with a large screen for those multiple tabs and multiple screens, even. External ports for external disc drives and other add-ons will be crucial, too.
Since work computers tend to be more focused on word processing and research, you often will focus more on RAM and other processing details, rather than graphics. However, everyone’s work situation is different, too.

Laptop vs Desktop

Whether you’re looking for the best computer for personal use or corporate use, one of the biggest things you’ll have to think about is laptop vs desktop. The best laptops can cost a pretty penny and they’re basically the same thing as desktops, right? Let’s take a look.

Laptops: designed to be mobile, they vary in screen size and external port function. They tend to be pretty heavy the larger they get, but the smaller and simpler ones weigh only a few pounds.

Desktops: Even the best laptops can’t compete with a desktop, feature-wise. Desktops can be modified after they’re purchased and they tend to be stronger and faster than laptops because there’s more room for processing and RAM, etc. However, they don’t tend to be very mobile and they can be a bit big when you don’t have much office space. It all comes down to what you need most

Both laptops and desktops offer serious perks and drawbacks. You’ll need to factor in use, size, and details such as RAM and storage when it comes to your day to day use. However, there are many, many options to help you find just the right solution for you!

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