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The Most Common Computer Problems and How to Fix Them

Computers are some of the best things in the world…when they work, that is. If you’ve got a computer then you will more than likely hit a point where you start to have a few issues with it. However, there’s no reason to throw your computer out the window! In fact, some of the most common computer problems can be fixed by you, yourself! Interested in learning more? Take a look!


Top computer problems and how to fix them

Slow and sluggish computer

You know how your computer seems to be taking forever to load anything, or even start up properly? Yeah, it’s frustrating. You could likely have an issue with what’s called fragmentation in your drive. In order to help your computer get its mojo back, you’ll want to start your task manager and see what applications are running in the background and taking up CPU and RAM resources. If you close and exit those, you’ll notice that it’ll be peppy again, as good as new!

fixing a broken laptop on a bed

Screen freezing

From the screen itself, to the mouse, to the entire computer, freezing is another common issue for computer users. Sometimes, it may respond after a few seconds, and sometimes you may need to force a system restart. If this is happening a lot, make sure that your CPU and RAM are clean and clear (like above), and then run a deep, thorough virus check to see if there are any corrupted files or malware. This is the most likely scenario.


Slow browser

If you’re simply surfing your favorite social media websites and find that you are dealing with a browser that won’t load, you may want to take a look at your browser’s cache and history. Clearing both will help you free up that data and give you better surfing speed! You can do this without wiping out your log-in information on sites, don’t worry!


Hot computer

This applies mostly to laptops, but if you’ve ever had an issue where you’ve had to stop using your computer because it got too hot, you aren’t alone! If your computer seems to be overheating a lot, take a look at the heating vents, vacuuming them out if you can do it comfortably. If you are still having the same issue, consider spending less time on those intense programs and let the computer rest in an area where it can get fresh air to its fan circulation.

There are so many potential things that can pop up with computers, as amazing as they end up to be for your overall quality of life. If you need some support and general guidance, these are the tips that will help you to be your own troubleshooter.

If you are having an issue with the hardware, though, you’ll always want to take it in to see the pros so that you can get the best professional help and support for your delicate computer’s needs! You’d be surprised at how cost-effective those are, really, when you consider the complexity.

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