Do you need to connect home computers, mobile devices, and printers to Wi-Fi or Local Area Network (LAN)? Our networking specialists can help you set up, troubleshoot, and maintain your computer network.  We provide complete home/office networking installation and server setup services. Same day, after-hours, and weekend support are available.

If you have multiple desktops or laptops in the home/office, you can:

  • Share files and documents
  • Store photos and music in a centralized place
  • Back up for all PCs
  • Enjoy multi User security licenses

Benefits of Home/Office Networking

Any home/office that uses multiple devices and computers can benefit from our networking solutions. Individuals at home or employees in the offices can share resources such as files and information over a network conveniently.  Sharing a printer in the workstation will also save you money. You also stand to benefit from better communication and collaboration since everyone within an office network is on the same page. Remote access is possible plus you won’t need to enable internet security for each PC. The bottom line is that networking will make your home or office more efficient and resources centralized.

Why Hire Our Networking Professionals?

Not everyone is tech-savvy when it comes to networking. That’s where our crew comes in. We can set up a network and connect all your devices in the home to fast and reliable internet. From wireless to wired, ACR provides complete networking solutions for the modern home. Anyone who is plugged into the network will be able to share files, play music, and stream movies and TV shows without a glitch.

We’ll tell you what hardware and technology you need for the network. Similarly, we’ll be able to advise you whether you should use a branded server or run the network off a switch, hub, or router. The same applies to the sort of internet connectivity that you will need. Some customers choose ASDL2+ while others cable. If you have pressing questions and need assistance with making a networking decision, we’ll be able to assist you.

Do you need help in setting up a Wi-Fi connection or networking all your computers and printers? Only a trusted networking technology partner like ACR can help you find a networking solution that meets your needs and budget. We will make sure that your network is not only reliable but safe and secure. 

Call 678-899-6800 to book an appointment with our IT and networking specialists in Canton, GA.