ACR understand the value of having a good and secure business network. Both are key to ensuring smooth business operations and service delivery.  We have trusted networking specialists who can help you select and deploy the right business networking solutions. Whether you have 3 business computers or fifty of them, we have got all your networking needs covered.

Wireless Networking (Wi-fi setup)

Wi-fi is immensely popular with the business community in Alpharetta. It allows personnel with mobile devices and laptops to access the internet. If you’re thinking of setting up a wireless network but don’t know where to start, ACR network specialists can help you. They will setup a secure and reliable office wireless network within your premises. Our networking engineers will be there with you the entire time right from the moment you commission the Wi-fi networking project until they roll it out.

Computer Networking and Servers

ACR networking specialists have helped several businesses to select and setup office servers. We’re happy to provide you with timely and expert guidance as well as support. Once you call us, we’ll pay you a visit and survey your server/networking needs. Our IT and networking engineers will create a solid plan for networking your PCs. The networking plan which they will implement will allow your personnel to share the internet, files, and printers with a secure wireless or wired network. And after the installation, they will continue providing support onsite or remotely.

Media Sharing and Storage

Many business personnel share media files and documents on a day to day basis. ACR can help you set up a media and file sharing network and storage center for your business.  Once set up, employees will be able to share files from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. They won’t have to rely on 3rd party servers to store your files and documents.

If you’re looking for high quality networking services for your business in Canton GA, call 678-899-6800 to book an appointment with the networking experts at ACR.