Productivity Monitoring

From time to time, we can help you optimize your hard drive for greater PC productivity. We perform optimization on both Windows PCs and Mac. Our aim is to ensure your drives are organized and error-free. By optimizing drives, we’ll ensure your computers operate smoothly.

Cleaning Junk from PCs

There’s a direct relationship between a number of files that your computer holds and it’s performance. The more temporary files your PC holds the slower it becomes. So it’s very important to have your PC cleaned of junk. We can help you clear temporary files and uninstall programs that make your computers run slower than usual.

Windows Service Monitoring

As a business person, it’s good to monitor the performance of your Windows PCs. There are many useful tools that help you do that. If you need help, call our computer technicians. They will come onsite and install a Windows Service monitoring tools which monitor all the services running on your server(up to 5 services simultaneously).

Do you want to ramp up the performance of your computers? Call 678-899-6800 to speak to a friendly computer support personnel.