Family Plans

We offer Family Plans tailored to your individual home needs. By choosing the right Family Plan we can optimize your home network to work for you. Protecting your family is not an easy task. The internet is not always an easy tool to harness. We use 3 factors to determine your home safety needs.

  • Number of devices using WiFi
  • Number of members living in the home
  • Monthly projected internet usage

Quick and reliable support for home PCs

Alpharetta Computer customers who choose the family plans enjoy unlimited visits as well as dedicated phone and remote support. The service plan ensures that your PC and devices work properly. Our computer technician and support personnel will also help you troubleshoot and fix problems. We will not resolve PCs problems but optimize them for faster and better performance.

What’s included in family plans?

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Computer clean up
  • System Optimization
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Free service visits
  • Remote repairs and support
  • Support for phones and devices

ACR family plans go beyond support for PCs, network, and all connected devices. We also provide remote online backups for all computers included in the family plan. And for a reasonable fee, you will have dedicated tech guy who helps you resolve your IT problems and make sure your information is stored safely and securely.